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    6 steps to a great first job

    Lilli Hender

    With all the talk of graduate schemes and average starting salaries buzzing around in third year, it’s easy to let the pressure of finding a job, and finding it fast, build up. Try not to panic, lots of your friends will be in the same boat and lifejackets are at hand.

    Having a strategy and a positive attitude is crucial when you begin to climb the career ladder. Lilli Hender from is here to help with her six step plan to deciding upon a great first job, and bagging it.

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    5 top tips to land a great work placement

    Ellie Cohen

    Not too long ago I submitted a blog post to 10 Minutes With about my experience of a year in industry and why it made a huge difference to my future career.

    Following on from that, here are 5 top tips to help you land your ideal long-term work placement.

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    3 tips for overcoming fear

    Kwanele Ngobese

    A lot of people get scared, not because of the possibility of failure but because they are scared of what other people will think of them.

    Is that how you want to live your life?

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    6 easy ways to make yourself more employable

    Patrick Vernon

    The jobs marketplace is a tough one for graduates. The more you can do to enhance your appeal to employers, the better your chances of finding employment that gets your career off to the best start possible.

    Here are six pointers that can help:

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    7 top tips for managing stress at university

    Hannah Somers Meikle

    With increasing fees, heavy workloads and new environments to get used to, it’s no wonder that so many students feel stressed and under pressure.

    Here are some tips for relieving stress and working towards a healthy work-life balance.

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