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    Life is a Pitch: The Art of Selling the Pen

    Matt Pretorius

    Imagine you’re inside a diner. Your boss sitting next to you, tells you: “take this pen and sell it to me”. How would you do it?

    Many people now recognise this as a scene from Martin Scorsese's "Wolf of Wall Street", but learning the true way to answer such a question could be a turning point in your career.

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    How to take criticism constructively

    Hannah Somers Meikle

    Sometimes criticism can leave you feeling deflated and put you off continuing in a certain field, but letting it get to you could ruin what might have been an opportunity for self improvement.

    Here are my tips for how to take the positives from the negative:

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    10 things you can do whilst you’re a graduate and still unemployed

    Shannon Patterson

    It’s [insert month] now and you’re still unemployed. Your parents are probably breathing down your neck about it every day, and you’re so past the point of stressing about not having a graduate job that you’ve almost reached a state of peaceful apathy.

    Here’s a list of 10 things to fill your time with until you find a job, some of which may even increase your credibility when you get it!

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    Starting a career in the automotive industry

    Patrick Vernon

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A question every child is asked as adults inquire about their hopes and dreams for the future.

    Patrick tells us some of the ways through which you could make your childhood dream job become both realistic and possible.

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    My Summer at a Tech Company

    Anasuya Ramanan

    It’s been an amazing 12 weeks working in tech, and not just for the obvious reasons. After spending my summer here, I can assure you that the real perks aren't visible on the marketing material: the benefits of working here go past the obvious things such as nap pods, the gym and free food.

    From being the first to test exciting new products to connecting with inspiring people, Anasuya tells us about her 3 month summer internship at an innovative tech company in London.

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