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    4 things I will miss most about INSEAD

    Hasmita Nair

    I’m writing from up in the air, en route to Greece for the first year of our INSEAD graduation trip, which is happening in Mykonos. My last class was yesterday, and now that the stressful period of job hunting is over, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll miss most about INSEAD.

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    7 Wild Financial Terms You Should Know

    SGGSCC Finance Society

    Finance is a detailed study of how expenses should be managed and invested at a corporate as well as an individual level. The study has terms which acknowledge the generally occurring market phenomenon in analog with the animal traits. Get on board and learn these funny wild financial terms.

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    3 Ways to Calm your Nerves Before an Interview

    Suraj Oyewale

    Getting a job interview invitation is great news! But as the interview date draws closer, you'll get more and more nervous—and that's just natural. If not checked, pre-interview anxiety can cripple your performance on the big day. These three tips will help you combat interview nerves.

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    5 ways to present yourself in an interview

    Affairs Today

    Congratulations! You’ve passed the initial application stage, perhaps a confusing online test or reasoning exercise, and been short-listed for an interview because the organisation you’re applying to are interested in YOU working for them. So now what?

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    4 Tips When Deciding Between Offers

    Hasmita Nair

    Now that I’m in the fortunate position of having multiple offers to select from, I’ve found myself feeling quite conflicted about which one to take. If you, too, find yourself in this position – here are some things to remember.

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