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    5 Surefire Tips to Manage Job Search Stress

    Suraj Oyewale

    From anxiety over a fast approaching interview to fear of failing an aptitude test, and to frustration after receiving a rejection email, you can experience different triggers of physical and emotional stress during the job-hunting process. But it's not a hopeless situation.

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    5 Tips on How to Prep for Your Final Round Interview

    Hasmita Nair

    In just a matter of weeks, things have picked up dramatically for me in terms of my job hunt. I’ve gone from zero offers to three! I was waiting until I had at least one offer to give interview advice, so here are my top tips on how to make a lasting positive impression during an interview.

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    Selecting A Suitable Career Line: What To Do & What Not To

    Sumitra Jain

    Choosing a career line that has a broad scope and offers a rewarding future is one of the most perplexing moments of a student's life. When you choose a wrong career line, you do not just waste your money, but also a great amount of time. Therefore, it would be sensible to know everything about the path, which you are going to choose.

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    Don't waste your life


    Right now, I’m at home. Working for the summer. I have friends that have spent part of their summer on road trips all over Canada, in Rome, France and Ireland. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. I might not be doing anything out of the ordinary or especially different, but that doesn't mean that I'm wasting my life.

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    Programmed to Market

    Sonali Jindal

    How much do you know about marketing or advertising? Nil, most people would say. Ever done it before? Not really, comes back the answer. But we, are here to prove you wrong.

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    5 Tips on Negotiating a Job Offer

    Hasmita Nair

    It’s funny how as MBA graduates, we obsess about finding a job, and as soon as we have more than one offer, we stress about deciding which one to take. I received my first job offer not too long ago, and was at a bit of a loss in terms of how to negotiate, given that I was so happy to have the job in the first place.

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    5 Things to Do When Overwhelmed By Stress

    Bullfrog Spas

    In some cases, stress can be good for you. Moderate stress can sharpen memory, motivate you to succeed, and combat procrastination. The key is to understand your triggers and to find ways to reduce the stress in your life. Here are 5 things to incorporate in your life to relieve some stress.

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