Founded in 2003 and headquatered in Barcelona (Spain), Abertis is the international market leader in the management of toll roads, managing directly more than 7,300 kilometers of high capacity roads all over the world. It is the first national toll road operator in countries such Spain and Chile, and has a highlighted presence in France, Brazil and Puerto Rico. With its ongoing internationalisation process, Abertis is now present in 12 countries in Europe and the Americas, and this has enabled it to diversify its geographic risk and better adapt to global business cycles.

Abertis is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, share code ABE.

Working at Abertis

Abertis is aware that its workers, with their wide range of skills, are the basis of its success. It aims to ensure its relationship with its staff is based on open communications and respect in the workplace. It also encourages teamwork, promotes growth and personal initiative, and seeks and rewards excellence of effort.