Founded in 1936 and head-quartered in Tokyo (Japan), Ricoh Company Ltd is one of Fortune 500 and Global Sustainable Firms Top 100. During these 80 years since its inception, Ricoh has been thought highly for its product research and developing, global marketing, customer service and environmental management. As the global leader in sophisticated office automation solution, the company provides products such as digital multifunction, laser printers, prototypes, facsimiles and projectors as well as digital cameras and advanced electronic devices, which have always taken the lead in the markets of Japan, Europe and America.

Ricoh Software Research Center (Beijing) Co. Ltd (SRCB) was established in January 2004, and it is Ricoh Company’s first R&D center in China. Its research center strives to construct a world-class R&D center specialising in the visual processing technology. Multiple cutting-edge technological achievements in visual processing have been achieved to date. At the same time, the center has gotten a lot of technological patents in China and abroad. Ricoh products improved by these patents, have gotten high appraisals from customers and the industry. SRCB is engaged in researching of other top and prospective fields such as embedded system, wireless networking developing, data mining, lighting control to provide their clients with durable, efficient, long-term trusted product technology and solutions.

Working at Ricoh Software Research Center

Talented researchers are one of the essential resources at SRCB. SRCB attaches great importance to the career development of the talents. The center periodically sends researchers to Japan for further training or hold various on-the-job trainings and technical exchange workshop to improve the operational capability and comprehensive quality of its staff. For the freshmen, SRCB also organises orientation trainings and thorough mentor programmes to help them adapt to the new environment and team. SRCB provides regular training and related tests in English, Japanese and Chinese for its researchers so as to improve their communication and research efficiency. In order to broaden the horizon of the staff, the center invites famous experts and insiders from universities, institutes and firms in the industry to give professional speeches and provide themed salon.