Four out of five students expect to work without pay once they leave university

10 Minutes With

Despite the upturn in the global economy and a massive skills shortage in many western countries, the vast majority (79%) of students expect to work without pay.

An international study of students by 10 Minutes With found that almost two-thirds of students expect to secure a job interview in fewer than 10 applications and that one in 10 expect to make more than 50 applications.

Read on to discover full study results.

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A Conversation with Manfredi Di Cintio, Founder of

Affairs Today

Manfredi Di Cintio is the founder of, a London-based career education platform aimed specifically at helping students from around the world learn about different careers paths from current employees and help direct them to their dream job. Affairs Today was able to speak to Mr. Di Cintio to learn more about this fascinating tech start-up.

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10 Minutes With turns 2!

Press Release

London, March 18th 2015: Break out the champagne and throw the confetti! It is a special week at 10 Minutes With as it celebrates its birthday, reinforcing its commitments as an innovative career matchmaking platform for the second year. Read all

Overwhelming: more new recruiting (and related) sites!

Job Board Doctor

I admit – even after doing these roundups of new and unusual recruiting-related sites for many years – it’s a bit overwhelming. Last time out, I pointed out 8 sites that I thought were pretty interesting. Well, it’s barely 3 months later and I have a new batch...It’s impressive, amazing, and a testament to the vitality of the online recruiting industry.

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Target the right junior talent for your needs

Press Release

London, December 22nd 2014: How do you grab the best and brightest talent out there? How do you strategically integrate and align your talent management activities with your recruitment needs? Simple. With the new and improved Talent Bank on

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‘Developing Nigerian economy through Career enhancement in Versities’


Macaulay Olumese Iyayi Jnr., is a British trained technology professional and is currently, Associate Director for Africa, at 10 Minutes With, a global careers educational content platform for graduates to meet, connect and find career opportunities. In this interview, he speaks on how best to tackle career development among universities graduates and youths generally.

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Can’t find a job? It’s not your fault!


Recently, a career education platform called 10 Minutes with became the ideal recruitment platform for university students, helping more than 100,000 student from over 1,000 institutes with their career path. According to 10 Minutes With, “the reason why graduates cannot find jobs is that they don’t have enough job-hunting skills”.

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Business school Perspective: Graduates face an even harder job-hunting season

SINA Corporation

An even harder job-hunting season is approaching! According to the survey data of a large recruitment agency, more than 33 million university students graduated in the past five years. While in the first half of 2014, 67,000 private enterprises went into bankruptcy, and the recruitment plan decreased by 7.3%. In this case, a great number of graduates will remain unemployed.

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